Pricing & Rates

Turn around time
of 24 hours!

Mixing & Mastering Rates

COST PER TRACK1 - 2 tracks3 - 7 tracks8+ tracks
MIXING upto 25 channels$30$25$15
MIXING over 25 channels$35$30$20

Podcast Production Rates

PODCAST RATES PER TRACK1 - 2 tracks3+ tracks
30 minutes raw audio$15$20
60 minutes raw audio$30$40

Service includes the following:

Editing - removing filler words, stutters, restarts, etc. We make the speakers sound the best they can, while maintaining a natural feel within the edits.

Levelling - Adjusting the audio levels via compression and gain-staging.

Noise Reduction - Removing background noise, clicks, pops, disturbances, etc.

Compilation - Compiling music and additional sounds in the podcast. This includes Ads, Promos, Teasers, Transitions, etc.

Mastering - Finalising the product according to industry standards.

Quality Control - You are entitled to 1 revision per podcast.

Note: Transcription and Show-Notes services are not included.

If you have any notes on specific edits for your content, please don't hesitate to leave us as many notes as you can or want.